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Hydrangea umbellata

Since I am one of the new summer interns, I walked around campus the other afternoon to familiarize myself with the various gardens and collections that make up the Scott Arboretum. I made a point to head to the north side of campus where the hydrangea collection is sited. When I left my home state of Tennessee, our bigleaf hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla and the more delicate H. serrata were just coming into bloom. Visiting the collection would give me a sense of how far along their Pennsylvanian counterparts were. As I expected, none were in full bloom. However, many were …

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Scott Arboretum Parking Lot Closed

The college will begin an infrastructure repair project and electrical transformer upgrade to Willets next week, June 23rd through August 15th, 2008. The parking lot and driveway adjacent to the Scott Arboretum office will be closed for the duration of the project. Pedestrian access will be maintained through the flagstone pathway and stairs to the west of the office. Thank you for your patience while this project is underway.…

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Heuchera: Color My Shade Garden

While representing the Arboretum in Harrisburg last week, a gentleman asked me what plant he could place in his shade garden that might add some color. I immediately thought of Heuchera. A great plant for dry shade, plant breeders have been working with Heuchera the past few years and they have developed and released some amazing new colored foliage.

The most common color of Heuchera seen in the garden is a deep purple. Breeders have released several different tones and textures of this purple foliage. Known for having the darkest foliage of the Heucheras, H. ‘Obsidian’ provides a great …

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