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Planting Noah’s Garden: Further Adventures in Backyard Ecology

By Sara Stein

Sara Stein wrote Noah’s Garden: Restoring the Ecology of our Backyards in 1995. Her follow-up book was written a couple of years later and builds on the concept of the suburban backyard as a wildlife habitat. In her first book on the topic, Stein tells the story of her yard that she groomed into a lawn and flower garden only to realize that the bugs, birds, and animals that she took for granted left the property soon afterwards. She and her husband Marty started bringing natural features back to their property and the wildlife soon followed. If …

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This past month the Scott Arboretum and staff have been recognized for their efforts in the horticulture community. The Scott Arboretum received the 2008 Community Greening Award presented by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful program. This award recognizes the Scott Arboretum for outstanding public plantings…improving the quality of life through horticulture.

Walt Fisher, PHS Community Greening Award Judge, noted “To call it an Arboretum’ suggests more limited design and plantings than is presented by the huge variety of plants, shrubs, trees, and landscaping features. An informative and highly-professional website describes the many features of the arboretum …

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Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Issai’

Purple happens to be my favorite color, and I believe this preference is finding its way into my Plant of Month selections. I am noticing a trend: In July, I wrote about the purple coneflower, Echinacea; next month was the unique purple-tinged Angelica gigas; and last month, I branched out a bit and covered a blue-purple aster cultivar. Now that November is upon us, I once again find myself drawn to all things purple. Even as I look outside the office window down to the Terry Shane Teaching garden, and see the deep hue of our Acer palmatum

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