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Metasequoia Shingles

Metasequoia shingles on teh Wister Center. photo credit: R. Robert

Another way to achieve LEED certification points is to reuse building material and recycled material. For the Wister Education Center and Greenhouse this idea has been employed in several avenues but none as uniquely as in the use of Metasequoia shingles.

Citilog Pictures 8-30-04 236

Citilog unloading the Metasequoia trees in their lumber yard. photo credit: Citilog

In order to build the Alice Paul Hall (opened in 2005), a grove of Metasequoia glyptostroboides, dawn redwood, was removed from the area beside the south end of Mertz Hall. These twelve trees were harvested by Citilog and milled into shingles.

Citilog Pictures 8-30-04 240

Stack of harvested Metasequoia trees. photo

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Kemp Hall Green Roof, a year later

Raised mounds on the Kemp Hall green roof. photo credit: D. Mattis

Almost a year after planting Swarthmore College’s and Scott Arboretum’s third green roof, the plants have grown together to create a striking tapestry of color. Check out what Jennie Love had to say about our green roof after visiting this summer.


A tapestry of sedum on the Kemp Hall green roof. photo credit: D. Mattis

There are two more green roof tours left this season. Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 26 and Thursday, October 22 to experience the parade of colors created by Sedum, Talinum, Delosperma, Campanula, Allium, and Dianthus. We hope to install our fourth green roof …

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Great Garden Plants at Reduced Prices

by Claire Sawyers and Andrew Bunting

Muddy conditions at 2009 Plant Sale. photo credit: T. Patterson

You had to be a real plant lover to turn out for our Plant Sale this past weekend and brave the mud. Understandably, it was a bit much for the novices and anyone in white tennis shoes. Volunteers who had been sloshing around it for several days began to feel like they hadn’t missed Woodstock after all.


Klara Britt shopping in the rain with the help of plant expert, Sam Keitch. photo credit: U. Maul

So, with a lot of really great plants left, we ‘re having a 50%-off plant sale for members of …

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