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The Encyclopedia of Container Plants

encyclopia container

By Ray Rogers and Rob Cardillo

This new book is a fantastic reference for anyone interested in growing unusual annuals and tropicals in containers.  The book is beautifully illustrated with container designs from Chanticleer, the Scott Arboretum, etc.  Over 500 choices of plants are highlighted.

The A-Z reference covers everything from Abutilon to Zinnia.  For each entry there is a description of the plant’s attribute, several species or cultivar listing, beautiful color picture, and cultivating and overwintering information.

We are excited to have Ray Rogers and Rob Cardillo on hand for book sales and signing, and to serve as …

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Asclepias physocarpa

Asclepias physocarpa seedpod. photo credit: A. BuntingAs we celebrate the first official day of spring, garden magazines are teasing us with great annuals for our summer garden. The conversation starter Asclepias physocapa is featured as a plant pick in Fine Gardening’s April issue this spring. This delightful Asclepias is known by some colorful common names including the balloon plant, family jewels tree, and hairy balls. All of these are inspired by the decorative, unique seed pods it produces in late summer.

Asclepias physocarpa seed pod (1) JWC

Asclepias physocarpa seed pods photo credit: J. Coceano

Fuzzy inflated lime-green seed pods covered with soft spines adorn this six-foot tall plant. These pods are …

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Plants of the Week – March 14

Cornus mas photo credit: J. Coceano

Cornus mas, seen here growing beside Bond Hall, is commonly known as the Corneliancherry Dogwood.  The yellow flowers, borne on short umbels, appear in March and last for several weeks.  Look for Cornus mas ‘Golden Glory’ at the 2011 Scott Associates’ Plant Sale.

Pieris japonica photo credit: J. Coceano

Pieris japonica by the Cunningham House is a slow growing, broadleaf evergreen that prefers moist, acidic soils.  Pendulous, urn-shaped flowers appear in March.  Pieris ‘Mountain Fire’ will be available at the 2011 Scott Associates’ Plant Sale.

Helleborus Brandywine TM Strain photo credit: J. Coceano

Planted throughout the Scott Arboretum, Helleborus Brandywine TM Strain provides an array of vivid colors and distinct forms.  Introduced by David …

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