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Plants of the Week – February 27

Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Nanjing Gold' in bloom (2) JWC

Edgeworthia chrysantha ‘Nanjing Gold’ is in bloom! This particular plant receives the benefit of building protection on three sides and a sunny easterly exposure. Fragrance is an added bonus. While other edgeworthia have yet to break bud, it is exciting to see the first of the season open. Photo credit: J. Coceano

Adonis amurensis detail (2) JWCChuck Hinkle, Garden Supervisor, has tucked a variety of choice ephemeral gems throughout the Harry Wood Garden. Adonis amurensis is one such treasure. Buttercup-yellow blooms top finely dissected foliage. Many cultivars with incredible colors have been developed in Japan. Sadly, choices are limited in North America. Photo credit: …

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Plants of the Week – February 20

Acorus gramineus 'Oborozuki' terracotta urn (2) JWCRohdea japonica, with linear strap-like leaves, is an ideal evergreen candidate for dry shade. Looking for a similar effect for soggy soil in partial shade to full sun? Acorus gramineus ‘Oborozuki’, or grassy-leaved sweet flag, has been reliably evergreen around the Cunningham House. The yellow-green leaves add brightness to the garden. Clumps slowly expand, spreading outward via creeping rhizomes.  Photo credit: J. Coceano

Quercus myrsinifolia Cunningham House (3) JWCThe Chinese evergreen oak, Quercus myrsinifolia, is a member of the ringed-cupped oaks subgenus distributed throughout Eastern and Southeastern Asia. Leathery leaves with slight serrations emerge purple-bronze before maturing to a dark green. Growing from …

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Plants of Week – February 13

H. x intermedia 'Strawberries and Cream' (1) JWCHamamelis x intermedia ‘Strawberries and Cream’ bears atypical bicolor pale yellow and red flowers flushed with pink notes. The deciduous shrub earned high marks for 0% leaf retention. Some cultivars have a tendency to retain desiccated leaves, thus detracting from the floral display. A young specimen is planted between Clothier Hall and Parrish West Circle. Photo credit: J. Coceano

Galanthus at Whisper bench (1) JWCGalanthus are found in abundance throughout The Scott Arboretum. Their pendulous white flowers are some of the first to emerge, heralding the new season. Growers and admirers enamored with the bulb are referred to as galanthophiles. Collectors beware: becoming involved with …

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