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Plants of the Week – June 25

This hydrangea is incredible!  Really, Hydrangea arborescens IncrediballTM is one of the few hydrangeas left with a nice display after this past week’s intense heat.  It truly is incredible, with an intensive spread of flower heads which can reach up to 12”.  Not only is IncrediballTM reliable, it also has strong sturdy stems that will support them even during rain, preventing them from flopping like other cultivars such as ‘Annabelle’.  Currently, we have Hydrangea IncrediballTM blooming in the Terry Shane Teaching Garden and the Gold Medal Garden (seen above). Photo Credit: J. Ahrweiler


Verbascum thapsus has been around for …

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Through a Designer’s Eyes

Take a tour of the Scott Arboretum as seen by a designer. Garden Designer and Blogger Donna notes the use and design of our spaces, much of which can be implemented on a smaller, intimate scale. Part of Scott Arboretum’s mission is to “to help horticulture by visual demonstration,” or allow gardeners to experience and see various plants and design elements they can use in their home garden. Donna has highlighted some wonderful lessons from our various gardens.…

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Plants of the Week – June 18

Many species of Hypericum have been used since ancient days as a treatment for wounds.  It is said that Hypericum used to be collected on St. John’s day and burned to ward off evil spirits, hence its common name, creeping St. John’s wort.  Today, however, you would not see as many people using Hypericum calycinum to repel evil spirits as you would see it used as a ground cover.  It is a dense creeping groundcover, which can reach a foot tall and will spread indefinitely.  It has been awarded a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal award for garden merit due …

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