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Plants of the Week – July 16

Welcome! Although Eucomis not a real pineapple, its flower stalks with perfectly arranged star-like flowers closely resemble a pineapple.  So, as the pineapple is a sign of welcome, it is fitting that Eucomis lines the front walk to the Arboretum Offices.  Eucomis comosa ‘Sparkling Burgandy’, commonly called the pineapple lily, is a species of African bulb in the Asparagaceae family.  The bulbs will emerge in spring, grow rapidly, bloom in summer and then keep attractive round seedpods until frost.  Besides using it as a symbol of welcome, it makes a unique plant for the garden with its thick glossy foliage …

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Plants of the Week – July 9

As evergreens, pine trees are normally celebrated for giving us winter color.  Pinus bungeana, however, offers something interesting to look at year round with its beautiful bark displaying a mosaic pattern of green, yellow, and clay-red against a background of silvery gray.  This tree is native to northeastern China where it can be seen everywhere including roadsides, graveyards, and temples, though it is still something of a rarity outside China. The intricate bark is not its only attractive feature though.  Pinus bungeana has a graceful form, delicate foliage and has shown a wide range of tolerances, surviving both alkaline …

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