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Plants of the Week: May 13

Choisya is a member of Rutaceae. Others in the family include citrus species and Skimmia. The plants within this family have oil glands within the leaves which when crushed are highly aromatic; the flowers are also highly scented. Choisya is commonly known as Mexican orange blossom and this is a very good description as the flowers have a distinct citrus fragrance. These flowers are abundant in nectar, providing good food for bees. Star-shaped white flowers are produced in late spring and again in late summer and autumn. These are borne on terminal or axillary cymes or corymbs of …

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Plants of the Week: April 29

Fascinated by the bizarre? Looking for a plant your neighbor likely hasn’t seen? Consider aroids. Members of Araceae possess flowers comprised of a central spadix arising from a spathe. Western species are commonly known as jack-in-the-pulpits while Asiatic species are dubbed cobra lilies. Several species inhabit the Terry Shane Teaching Garden including A. ringens, with its flared spathe resembling a cobra about to strike to the pure white spathe of the refined and choice A. sikokianum. Plant Delights Nursery offers a diverse selection including A. tortuosum, the whipcord jack. In this particular species the spadix extends well …

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