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Plants of the Week – June 24

Are you a fan of unique and unusual plants like I am? If so, then you will love the eye-catching Eryngium ‘Big Blue.’ It features steel-blue flowers, stems, and leaves that will make a statement in any garden with its intense color and texture. Eryngium ‘Big Blue’ is salt-tolerant by the sea and its leaves, flower bracts and centers are all prickly like a holly, hence its common name: sea holly.

This plant starts out grayish-green then gradually transforms to electric blue from the top and spreads downward. Native to European mountains, it is related to thistle. Sea holly has …

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Blooms of the Season: The Harry Wood Garden

Even though my maternity leave delayed the posting of this story, I would still like to introduce you to Diane Mattis and her intimate look at the wonderful plants found at the Scott Arboretum. Enjoy the reminder of the delightful blooms in the Harry Wood Garden this spring as we are poised to begin summer tomorrow.

We would like to take a moment to introduce a new series for the Garden Seeds blog entitled Blooms of the Season. This series will feature the original artwork of Diane Mattis, highlighting what is blooming in the garden right now from a …

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Plants of the Week: June 10

Aaron D’Addio, 2013 summer intern, will take over posting Plants of the Week throughout the duration of his time with the Scott Arboretum. We look forward to sharing the plants that catch Aaron’s eye. Here is his first post.

Aralia elata ‘Aureovariegata,’ commonly known as variegated Japanese aralia or angelica tree is a small tree/large shrub that features green oval leaflets splashed with yellow margins. Large clusters of white panicles appear in late summer followed by purple spherical fruit. Beware of the thorny stems. This plant attracts bees, butterflies, and birds.  Japanese aralia gets purple or orange fall foliage …

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