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4 Tips to Getting the Most Out of a Garden Consultation

Guest Author: Susan Mintun

It has happened to all of us at one time or another; do you recognize either (or both) of these scenarios? Scenario 1: Coffee in hand you wander out to your garden (yet again) and mosey around a bit. And, yet again, you determine that, yes, it needs something. It’s just not right. It’s not as attractive as it could be. Or the space doesn’t function as well as it might. Or it has a problem that seems impossible to solve. You are sure it has potential, but what to do? You sigh …

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Plants of the Week: August 19

Due to frequent requests, I am finally making this week the official “variegated foliage week” here at the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College. I also broke the rules this week by choosing five plants because it was impossible to select only four of these spectacular plants!

After being introduced to variegated plants, why would anyone want to go back to the old, boring, typical, green foliage plants when you could just as easily have leaves accented with varying shades of yellow and white instead?! I love variegated plants with a passion because they add variety, interest, and different colors into

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Plants of the Week: August 5

While purple coneflower may be a more popular Echinacea, new colors have been cultivated recently such as this yellow coneflower: Echinacea ‘Leilani.’ This elegant plant is fittingly named ‘Leilani’ because it means “royal child of heaven.” Use this plant to add a splash of sunshine to any garden, especially for mass plantings in perennial borders. Echinacea ‘Leilani’ features bright yellow, daisy-like flowers with downward radiating petals from a distinct, cone-shaped, central seed head. Yellow coneflower blooms from mid to late summer for over a month and may re-bloom if dead-headed. If spent flowers are not removed, a greenish bronze central …

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