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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Garden

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate with us by exploring some “St. Patrick’s Day” themed plants.

Start your day with a lucky shamrock, Ilex glabra ‘Shamrock’ to be exact. A slow-growing, upright-rounded evergreen shrub in the holly family, this selection is ideal for hedges and screening shrub borders. Several plantings can be found forming the corner bed of the Pollinator Garden and screening the Wister Parking lot from the view along College Ave.

A native shrub, ‘Shamrock’ provides great winter protection and berries for our feathered friends. While the berries provide a great food source for birds, they are not very …

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Plants of the Week: March 10

Prunus mume ‘Matsubara Red’ is a recent addition to the Arboretum’s collection. Known as Japanese Apricot or Chinese plum, Prunus mume are some of the first deciduous trees to flower in late winter. ‘Matsubara Red’ produces masses of small double-red blossoms. This small tree, averaging 20’ in height, easily fits into most garden spaces.  Photo credit: J. Coceano

Garden location: Martin Bank, Terry Shane Teaching Garden


Hamamelis mollis is known for being the most fragrant of the witchhazels. Hamamelis mollis ‘Imperialis’ bears fragrant, pale yellow flowers up to 1” long, slightly larger in size than others in the species. …

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What’s Out There® and why should you care?

Gardeners are always seeking inspiration, and it is sometimes found in unlikely or unexpected places. Some of the places you may not think to look at with an eye for inspiration are the multitudes of cultural landscapes around you.

You may ask, “What is a cultural landscape?” The Cultural Landscape Foundation answers this question: “Cultural landscapes provide a sense of place and identity; they map our relationship with the land over time; and they are part of our national heritage and each of our lives.” Essentially, it is any landscape that has cultural significance—whether it is historical, design, or ethnic.…

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