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Magnolia Season

Magnolia season is well under way at the Arboretum. Check out this great interview with our curator and president of the Magnolia Society International, Andrew Bunting. Learn about the care of magnolias and recommendations for great magnolias in your garden.…

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Plants of the Week: April 14

Prunus x incam ‘Okame’

Tender and bright, Prunus x incam ‘Okame’ sends out its lush inflorescences, dense on branches and appearing from afar as a single cloud of pink along the Cherry Border. ‘Okame’ petals are a faint watercolor pink with brushes of darker hues at the base and tip. The flowers, which hang in clusters from the branches, are cradled in waxy calices that fade from lipstick-red to pale green.  This cultivar is a resultant cross of the Fuji cherry Prunus incisa and the Taiwan cherry Prunus campanulata; both are native to Eastern Asia. Photo credit: R. Robert


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Cedrus: True Cedars

My first encounter with the genus Cedrus occurred while flipping through the pages of On Gardening by Penelope Hobhouse. The tree commanded presence in the photo. The singular plant, a conifer planted at Tintinhull House, a garden in England, evoked a feeling akin to Africa or Australia. I had never seen such a tree; the evergreen looked nothing like the “cedars” (Juniperus virginiana) native to my childhood home in Western Virginia. My first physical encounter occurred when visiting the Scott Arboretum for the first time. While smaller in stature than the plant at Tintinhull House, the Entrance Garden …

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