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Plants of the Week: July 28

Allium angulosum ‘Summer Beauty’

While all other Allium sp. blooms have faded and gone to seed this time of the year, Allium angulosum ‘Summer Beauty’ is in full bloom in the Harry Wood Courtyard Garden. ‘Summer Beauty’ is also a sterile cultivar, unlike others of this genus, thus removing the worry of dense reseeding. Its light lavender and orb-shaped inflorescence, which emerges in late June and remains until early August, attracts an array of pollinator species. Once the blooms fade and go to seed, the stem reddens, the foliage yellows, and the seed heads remain upright, adding interest in the …

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Plants of the Week: July 21

Hydrangea arborescens Incrediball TM

This cultivar of the smooth hydrangea will almost never disappoint. Its cold hardiness and the fact that it blooms on new wood make this hydrangea both hardy and reliable. It flowers in summer with massive white flower clusters and its stem is very sturdy which means no flopping! Find this amazing hydrangea in the rear of the Terry Shane Teaching Garden. photo credit: V. Cornaglia


Aristolochia tomentosa

The Dutchman’s pipe vine is unique with three great characteristics. The first is its June-blooming flower which is purplish and resembles a pipe to gives it its name. …

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Plants of the Week: July 14

Consolida ambigua ‘Sublime Pink’

Our larkspur is finally blooming! It took a while for it to show much promise this year, but now some of them are starting to do their thing. Flowering along the racemes of this cultivar are fine, rosey-pink flowers with wavy petals and dark green veins. The inflorescence juts above the stalk, which is feathered with deeply dissected leaves that are filamentous in appearance.  A member of the Ranunculaceae family, the species, though once part of the genus Delphinium, has recently has been changed. Now that it is flowering, it is a nice addition to the …

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