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Plants of the Week: March 23

Eranthis hyemalis

When I think “spring ephemeral,” Eranthis hyemalis is always the first flower that comes to mind. It is a reliable standby that beckons to spring; emerging valiantly in multitudes amongst the last of autumn’s litter.  The leaves open first below the single flower bud like a dark green elizabethan ruff. Then flowers emerge bright buttercup yellow and without fragrance; it is not uncommon to see these covering an entire hillside in March and April. Check them out now in the Winter Garden on campus. photo credit: J. Bickel

Leucojum vernum

These flowers have always reminded me of very …

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Lawn Alternative Update

As the days slowly become warmer, we are all planning our garden planting for this spring. If you are considering exploring lawn alternatives this year, check out this great update from Susan Harris of Garden Rant about the lawn alternative program at the Scott Arboretum.…

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Plants of the Week: March 16

Adonis amurensis

Winter is slowly but surely loosening its grip on the area allowing some of the very early plants to begin peeking through the hard soil. Seeing the beginnings of Adonis, after a long winter, feels like encountering a piece of gold lying in the garden.  It is nice to remember that colors can be this vibrant. As a member of the buttercup family, A. amurensis offers a bright array of gold petals and stamens above feathery, dissected foliage (not present quite yet) and blooms from a complex, tubular calyx structure. As the days get a little warmer, this …

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