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An Illustrated Guide to Pruning

Author Edward F. Gilman

An Illustrated Guide to Pruning is not your typical hobbyist-pruning book. Dr. Gilman and his colleagues at the University of Florida developed this book based on years of research and field observations. It is for someone who wants to understand the science and biology behind pruning as well as understanding the proper way to prune in every situation. While written as a textbook, it is a great reference guide for a homeowner, professional, or someone who wants to learn about proper tree care.


The book is full of drawings and examples that make it easy …

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The Practice of the Wild

by Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder is an American poet, environmental activist,  and writer who was a part of the San Francisco Renaissance of the 1960s.  He is often referred to as the “poet laureate of Deep Ecology”.  Snyder has published about two dozen books in both poetry and prose form.

The Practice of the Wild was published in 1990 during a time of increasing technological speeds, and decreasing human attention spans. It may take the reader some time to adjust to Snyder’s calming style of writing. It took me several pages before I began to focus more clearly, understand the …

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Writing the Garden: A Literary Conversation Across Two Centuries

By Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

Elizabeth Barlow Rogers’ collection of famous garden writers excerpts is both a pleasure to read and a solid education in the history of garden writing. Barlow selected over 40 authors, some of whom are primarily gardeners (such as Penelope Hobhouse and Gertrude Jekyll) and others who  are authors who sometimes delve into the garden (Edith Wharton and Michael Pollan). Excerpts from these authors most famous works are interspersed with their personal histories and how they came to the garden to write.

Barlow also includes her own relationships with these authors as both a reader and the …

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