Designing Your Containers With Plants

Container gardening reflects each gardener’s personal style, so you’ll see a wide array of designs—one size definitely does not fit all containers! Even so, you’ll want to keep in mind two strategies to guide your composition—selecting equal parts foliage and flowers and categorizing your selections into “spillers,” “fillers,” and “thrillers”—terminology coined by the late Kathy Pufahl, founder of Beds and Borders, Inc.

Brugmansia flowers always make a statement in a container. photo credit: D. Mattis

Flowers are natural attention-grabbers—it’s literally the role they were born to play to attract pollinators, so it’s not surprising gardeners use flowering plants for an …

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Container Gardening Tips: Choosing Your Container

While it’s true that a single container can be captivating in its own right, as you begin your container project consider, as you select the right size, style and material of the vessel itself, how it will be part of a larger picture.

Identifying the appropriate scale to suit your space will help you plan the composition of your design as well as how much growing medium you’ll need to keep your plants happy and healthy. photo credit: R. Robert

Is your canvas a front stoop or an acre lot? A mature garden or a blank slate? Identifying the appropriate …

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Color All Season

As a child I was mesmerized by the vivid colors of tulips, lupines, delphiniums, and oriental poppies. I planted with enthusiasm, certain my little garden border would be bright and colorful all season long. That enthusiasm was soon squashed a week or so later when the petals dropped and all that remained was nondescript vegetation. I was left puzzling how one was go about achieving the bright, lushly-planted gardens pictured in my favorite glossy gardening magazine?

One valuable lesson I’ve learned for having reliable color is to look not at flowers, but rather foliage. Here a sea of Coleus foliage

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