Garden Design

Bands of Color

August 16 2017 RHR 031

Some principles of good garden design emphasize the use of colored foliage to create pops of color in the garden. Colored foliage adds interest throughout the seasons in addition to explosions of color created by blooms.

August 16 2017 RHR 018

Under the mature Quercus alba, white oak, shade-loving perennials are planted in stripes of blue, yellow, purple, and green. photo credit: R. Robert

Designer Sara Schuh of SALT design took this concept to a new level with her design for Whittier Hall. Instead of pops of color, she created bands of color. Under the mature Quercus alba,  white oak, and Diosypros virginiana, …

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Beyond Beauty: Why your Rose Garden needs more then Roses

June 10 2015 Update RHR 049Have you visited the modern rose garden? The one interplanted with all types of flowering perennials, trees, and shurbs, alive with buzzing insects, chirping birds and awash in lovely scents. No longer will you find a garden of strictly roses with one month of wow and minimal interaction with birds, bugs, and bees. The renovated Dean Bond Rose Garden has been redesigned with sustainability in mind. The added benefit of considering sustainability in plant selection produces multi-seasonal interest in the rose garden as never before.

Today’s rose garden is interplanted with a variety of plants to encourage the growth of beneficial insect populations to help control unwanted pests. photo credit: R. Robert

Today’s rose garden is interplanted with a variety of plants to encourage the growth of

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Designing Your Containers With Plants

Container gardening reflects each gardener’s personal style, so you’ll see a wide array of designs—one size definitely does not fit all containers! Even so, you’ll want to keep in mind two strategies to guide your composition—selecting equal parts foliage and flowers and categorizing your selections into “spillers,” “fillers,” and “thrillers”—terminology coined by the late Kathy Pufahl, founder of Beds and Borders, Inc.

Brugmansia flowers always make a statement in a container. photo credit: D. Mattis

Flowers are natural attention-grabbers—it’s literally the role they were born to play to attract pollinators, so it’s not surprising gardeners use flowering plants for an …

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