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Lawn Alternative Update

As the days slowly become warmer, we are all planning our garden planting for this spring. If you are considering exploring lawn alternatives this year, check out this great update from Susan Harris of Garden Rant about the lawn alternative program at the Scott Arboretum.…

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Woody Plant Discoveries

Tennessee gardener,  Aaron Dalton recently visit the Scott Arboretum and discovered some woody plant gems. Check out his favorites.

Learn more about woody plants at the Woody Plant Conference on Friday, July 18.…

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Blooms of the Season: Tropicals!

The vibrant colors and textures of tropical flowers and foliage invoke sensations of warm summer nights and tropical paradises. This scan highlights some great plants to create that tropical paradise in your garden.

Cissus rhombifolia’s grapevine-like leaves and tendrils “climb” through the background of this image. Plant this climber in full to part sun and allow it to climb and trail throughout the garden. The foliage and tendrils add texture to your displays as the greenish flowers and bluish black berries are insignificant.

Alternanthera ‘Red Carpet’ has oblong leaves with drops of neon pink over burgundy tones. Clearly …

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