Artful Gardens Part III: Terry Shane Teaching Garden

A celebration of ARTiculture (theme from the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show) continues all year at the Scott Arboretum. Proudly honoring horticulture as the slowest form of artwork, we introduce the third installment of the Artful Gardens series. Explore how the Terry Shane Teaching Garden encapsulates two different artful personalities in one garden space.

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Artful Gardens Part II: Scott Outdoor Amphitheater

Gardeners setting up chairs for the commencement ceremony in the Scott Outdoor Amphitheater. photo credit: D. MattisAs we near the end of May, Swarthmore College is diligently preparing for its most sacred ceremony, commencement. This celebration is held in our masterpiece of artful gardens, the Scott Outdoor Amphitheater. Watch the latest addition in our Artful Garden series and learn how integral this majestic space is in sending our graduates into the world.

first collection E. Kostans

First-year students of Swarthmore College gather in the Scott Outdoor Amphitheater for first collection. photo credit: E. Kostans

The Scott Outdoor Amphitheater is also where each class holds its first collection. Thus, this unique space provides continuity with both students’ first and last ceremonial …

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Artful Gardens: Part I – Metasequoia Allee

As the world looks to Philadelphia to celebrate the collection of Albert and Laura Barnes, we also want to celebrate their appreciation of the art form of gardening. While Albert Barnes was assembling his paintings and other objets d’art in the 1920 and 30s, his wife Laura Barnes was given the responsibility of developing the garden. As the visual arts were the passion of Dr. Barnes, so horticulture was the passion of his wife. The 12 acre Arboretum was Laura’s living landscape, her ever-changing art gallery.

She recognized that gardening uses the trunks and stems of trees and shrubs to …

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